Does this look familiar? Are you pounding down energy drinks or pots of coffee while at work?

sleep better las vegas

In a 24 hour town like Las Vegas working at night isn’t out of the ordinary however getting sleep when the bright Vegas sun is shinning can be a challenge. Las Vegas averages about 270 sunny days out of the year making sleeping in the day nearly impossible, unless you have custom blackout drapes.

Custom blackout drapes prevent light from entering through a window. Specific high quality linings are combined and constructed as drapery or hung separately on multiple curtain rods. To prevent any light bleed around the edges, a valance lined with the same blackout material is hung above the custom blackout drapes. Custom blackout drapes aren’t only for those who need to sleep in the day.

Why Custom Blackout Drapes?

What are some benefits of custom blackout drapes? See our quick list below.

  1. Sleep better -Get a better night’s sleep with blackout drapes.
  2. Insulation – Keep rooms significantly cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter with blackout drapes.
  3. Long-Term Use and Durability – These blackout drapes can easily last up to 15 years or longer!
  4. Sound Reduction – Blackout drapes minimize incoming sounds. They effectively dampen noise from outside the room.
  5. Great Use – Blackout curtains are great for hotels, motels, residential bedrooms, student housing, schools, colleges, and universities

Custom blackout drapes materials

Blackout Lining

Blackout lining is a fabric that has had an acrylic foam sprayed on the surface. This acrylic foam is sprayed several times to completely cover the porous material. This acrylic prevents light from passing through the fabric. This is the most effective method for reducing the light entering a window.

French Blackout

A black layer of fabric, usually heavy cotton or flannelet, is sandwiched between the fabric of the drapes and the lining. This method is not as effective as blackout lining but is a great alternative.

Dim-out lining

Similar to blackout lining, an acrylic foam is sprayed on fabric in a light layer vs several layers. This allows some light to enter but disallowing shadows if the inhabitants are back-lit. This is a great idea for someone who would like less light but not completely blacked out drapes.