dog interior design

With more households across the country bringing pets into their families’ one often wonders how to manage it all. Being a pet owner doesn’t mean you can’t have nice things. It just requires more discipline and attention. There are countless steps one can take to have a well maintained house and still have their cherished pets indoors.

1. Suck up that fur
The top key to pet friendly cleanliness is to vacuum regularly. Pet fur, while nice on your cat or dog, isn’t so great on our furniture and floors. It contains an oil that attracts dirt and odor to the fabric where it sits. Vacuuming the floors and even the sofa and chairs twice a week can really make a difference. It may seem pricey but investing in a top of the line vacuum will pay for itself in the long run. . Don’t forget to brush your pups often to help rid them of that excess fur.

2. Going bare
If at all possible steer clear of carpet. Like an over-sized magnet, carpet traps in odors and pet hair and worst of all the inevitable pet stain. When it comes to your floor, bare is the way to go. A nice ceramic tile is usually a top choice. It’s easy to clean and pet stains are not a problem unlike porous materials such as marble or other natural stones since acids present in pet spit-up can stain them, even if they’re sealed.

3. Keep those toys tidy
After a while your pet’s favorite toys can start to take on a rather unpleasant odor. Here are a few tricks to keeping them clean and germ free. Rope toys can be ran under water and placed in the microwave. Just remember that wattage differs with each microwave so keep an eye on them. They can also be run through the dishwasher on a hot cycle with no detergent. Any plastic, rubber or hard toys can be washed with soap and hot water or run through a dishwasher with no detergent. Stuffed animals should be okay in the washing machine so long as they are well made and the drying process is safe as well. Remember that all toys should be inspected for tears, missing parts. If they look to be in bad shape into the bin they go.

4. Think outside the box
Face it when it comes to our pets, some owners really go all out. A fun way to style your home is to match it to your pet. Those white walls are outdated and keeping them clean is a chore. Get creative with the colors in your home. Perhaps that charcoal-grey couch you’ve been eying won’t hold up so well with your white husky’s fur. Look for fabrics that coordinate with their colors. It’ll look great in your home those fur bits left behind by your loving pooch.