Automatic drapes and blinds are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners and with businesses for several reasons. There is the convenience of being able to use a remote control to open and close all the drapes or blinds in a room without having to leave your desk or chair, but there are other considerations as well.

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Automatic Drapes Provide Security

One important consideration for both homeowners and businesses is security. Some automatic drapes and blinds have light sensors. They close automatically when it becomes dark and open automatically when it becomes light. Others can be set to operate on a timer, just as you may already have your household or business lighting system set to operate on a timer. If your home or business lighting are part of a building or home automation system, some models of automatic drapes and blinds can be integrated into that system. For homeowners, this means that, when you go on vacation, your lights, drapes, and blinds all will operate as if you were home, not just your lights.

Protects Furniture

Homeowners and businesses can be concerned about protecting furniture, rugs, and carpeting from bright sunlight. Retail businesses also might be concerned about protecting merchandise. The automatic drapes and blinds in a room can be synchronized so that they can be quickly adjusted, all at the same time, if the bright sun suddenly escapes from behind dark clouds. The drapes and blinds can be opened again just as quickly if the clouds once again capture the sun. Automatic drapes and blinds open and close at a rate of about one-half foot (15cm) per second, and they can automatically open or close to any intermediate position. They do not always have to be fully opened or fully closed.


Automation makes it easy to open and close even hard to reach drapes and blinds, like those installed for a panoramic, two-story window wall. For a disabled or elderly person, however, any drape or blind may be hard to reach, to open and/or close. For the independent disabled or elderly person who lives in their own home, automatic drapes and blinds are more than just a convenience. In such cases, automation makes an important contribution to continued self-sufficiency, especially when the drapes and blinds can be operated with a remote control rather than a wall-mounted switch.

Provide a Peaceful Wake Up Call

One less obvious use for automated drapes and blinds is to use them as a replacement for the awful noise of an alarm clock. If you do not want to have the light sensor open the drapes and wake you at first light, program the timer on your bedroom drapes to open them at the time you want to rise. You will wake to the quiet light of day instead of a cacophonous beep or clattering ring.

Durable and Long Lasting

If you are concerned about the cost of replacing your curtains, drapes, and blinds on top of the cost of the automated system, don’t be. The tracks of the automated system and the motor that operates it have weight limits. However, so long as your current drapes and blinds do not exceed those limits, they do not need to be replaced.

Whether you are considering automatic blinds and drapes for your business, for a new home, for a remodeled area, or for an update to your home’s decor, these systems offer many worthwhile benefits that add ease of use and value. They deserve serious consideration.

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