Living in Style with Toddlers

We all want the the chic fashionable modern living room with white leather couches and white drapes. The established look that all your family and friends will appraise you for. Then one day life happens and your single days are over. All of a sudden your house is about to turn into an overall nursery. The baby finally arrives and now what? Do you change the white leather couches to grey corridor couches? Oh, let’s not forget that very expensive vase you’re mother-in-law got you that you don’t necessarily like but out of respect keep it is nicely placed on your coffee table. Although you well know things are about change, there’s no reason why you can’t have a luscious home while being baby proof!

There’s ways to keep your home still stylish and baby proof. Here’s a few great examples of baby proof tips that can help keep your home stylish:

-Remove the white couch
Children as we commonly know are messy and having a light color to your furniture isn’t to your best benefit as it wouldn’t last long and the color may quickly change. Going towards a more darker neutral color shade like a darker blue is more within reason. Who’s also to say you can’t have a leather couch if you have children? If anything it’s easier to wipe with a towel and keep clean.

-Replace your coffee table
A lot of ER hospital visits regarding toddler accidents are from them getting hurt from tables, especially glass. Stay away as much as possible from glass as a decor in general to your home. A great alternative to sharp coffee tables are ottomans or poufs to comfortably fit the child and still have the overall look your home is looking for. The height of the table is also another element to take into consideration, keep it at a level above the child to avoid getting hurt.

-Decorative Objects
Every home has immaculate decorations, the glass vase or expensive statue you inherited. It’s fine to continue to allure your home with decorations but it now has an element of ‘play it safe’. Instead of a glass vase maybe you should consider something that isn’t breakable, like a world globe or wooden sculpture. You don’t want artifacts that would poke your toddlers eyes out. We also highly encourage shattered proof art such as; like a beautiful tree decal on the wall.

Durability is a must for pieces such as drapes,couches, blankets and so fourth. If it’s for upholstery, consider a tough, strong fabric like a heavy twill. Easy-care, practically stain-proof choices include vinyl, “pleather,” ultrasuede, twill, denim, velvet, wool, felt and other natural fabrics with a touch of synthetic fiber woven in for added toughness. Leather is another good choice not to ever forget.

Yes, there’s wipe able paint. You can’t go wrong with eggshell, satin or semigloss, which clean up with a damp sponge. But if you prefer the rich look of a matte finish, try one of the new “washable” flat paints. Plus, you and the kids can have a lot of fun creating wall images then afterwards wiping them off. Another and commonly used paint is chalk paint, another fun arts and craft activity for you and your kid.

DON’T FORGET! Make space for the children.

Do make space for kids.

Implement an area in overly used rooms for kids to do the things they do daily. Kids will be kids and need there air to play in along besides their own room.