If you are in the position of having small rooms in your home it can be a headache. The simple things such as choosing a paint and how to layout your furniture turn into a mindboggling ordeal. Well don’t panic because your not the only one. I believe we all have or will have to deal with this issue at some point in life (unless you are really lucky), so here are some simple tips for making rooms in your home appear and feel larger than they really are while staying functional for you and your family.

Four Steps to Small Interior Design

Step One

First step is to de-clutter the space. Anytime you have small items scattered about it can make the largest of rooms feel cramped. Try to look around at items and ask your self “Do I really need that to be right there? Or do I even need it at all” Doing this will help your space right away.

Step Two

Another thing that helps areas look bigger is light. Having natural light shinning into the room makes it feel open and airy. So if you have windows in your cramped area don’t cover them with blinds or drapes, let the sun shine in! Also if you do want to hang drapes try to get them the same color as your walls and try to get them to go from floor to ceiling. This will eliminate any contrast thus making the room feel big.

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Step Three

Lets talk paint. This probably goes without saying but lets say it anyway, the lighter the color, the bigger the feel. Dark paint in a room can make it feel like the walls are closing in on you so try to find a light colored paint to really open up the space. Don’t let this scare you away from doing accent walls. They usually wont darken the room too much. Another trick is how you place your furniture, try to arrange your furniture in a way that doest block the view into the room. If you can keep your things away from openings and walkways it will help the feel of the room. If your fortunate enough to be buying new furniture, try to get smaller pieces with thin legs. This will make the room feel more airy.

So now that we have our paint, drapes and furniture set lets talk about wall decor.

Step Four

When hanging any thing on the walls in a small space you want to lean towards larger pieces. Hanging smaller things will make it look to busy and cluttered and we are trying to avoid that. A good little trick to give the illusion that a room is larger is to hang mirrors on the wall. Large mirrors at that! Some people already know this but most fail to use it to there advantage. Mirrors make rooms feel bigger by reflecting light as well as creating depth.

Follow these simple and easy little tricks and your small room will start to breath and open up for you! Small interior design can be fun and functional.