Roman shades are a popular window covering in the Southwest United States and other warm sunny climates due to their incredible sun blocking properties. Unlike other window shades, Roman Shades stack up vertically. This results in a very smooth motion with less noise than traditional window coverings.

They are now available cordless and in many versions. These tend to be very popular among parents. Children are unable to pull them down due to it’s cordless design. Traditional Roman Shades offer several lifting and lowering mechanisms depending on your needs, which is also safer for children than some other window coverings.

There are several types, here are some of the most common roman shades.

what are roman shadesHobbled Roman Shades

The shades create a soft fold and a traditional look.  This type of window covering compliments many different interior design styles.

roman shadesRelaxed Roman Shades

Unlike traditional shades, it does not bunch up evenly but gathers at the bottom allowing you to loosely hang your window coverings, creating a natural look.

flat roman shadeClassic Roman Shades

Offers a very simple flat look that goes great with homes employing light airy textures and fabrics. Many flat roman shades employ sleek modern lines.

pointed shadesPointed Roman Shades

Similar to many of the other various Roman Shades however they end in points or tassels depending on the styling. These add elegance to any home.

roman shade stylesScallop Roman Shades

Scalloped hems create a fashionable style for your Roman Shades. Several scallop styles exist and are often designed with decorative trims.

Roman Shades have been around for a long time and it is easy to see why. These window treatments offer an easy and practical solution for bare windows. They can be made of many various kinds of material and can fit into any interior design style. Best of all they are more than affordable. The fabric required is minimal compared to other custom drapery and the installation is fast and easy.

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