las vegas custom upholstery

Decorating your home for the first time, or just looking to update your style, custom upholstery offers you a chance to choose fabric colors and designs you like to match your home décor. If your furniture is starting to look drab and worn, it isn’t time to start shopping for new furniture, which is time consuming, stressful and not to mention expensive. When furniture you already own, especially furniture you might have had for years, can have new life breathed into it by custom upholstery. There are many advantages to reupholstering your furniture.

The furniture you have may hold sentimental value for you, but has seen better days. Maybe that comfortable chair you read in every night was the last thing you have from a loving grandparent. Restoring your family heirlooms not only preserves your memories, it sustains your family history while redesigning old pieces with a fresh new look to furniture that is still in great shape. Recycling furniture into new pieces cuts down on waste and uses fewer natural resources. Custom upholstery keeps furniture out of landfills by improving and restoring the beauty and comfort to your furniture that is in great shape but the fabric has worn out.

When you recycle your old furniture you save trees, steel and other resources that go into making new furniture. Purchasing new furniture is expensive and furniture isn’t built the way it used to be. Custom upholstering your well-made furniture is less expensive than buying brand new pieces, and adding to the life of your furniture is a sound investment. Plus you avoid the hassle of looking for new furniture to fit your living space. Instead you can recover furniture you already know fits your room and your choice of décor.

Custom upholstery adds new textures and design to your home, but still feels like home. Checkout a Gallery of Custom Upholstered Furniture.